Why Iran Needs Funding

I'm pretty sure right now the very first party in your head when you hear Iran funding is terrorism. It is also possible that your most probably right or wrong about the matter. The question that matters in this particular case is to weigh the pros and cons of funding from Iran and decide which outweighs the other.is a fact that Iran is one of the countries that has been associated with terrorism. Majorly because of the Iranian revolution that took place. The allegations of terrorism in Iran are drawn from accusations of funding terrorist activities, providing weapons for terrorists, and giving terrorists a place to stay.

Because of this condition and situation, a lot of neighboring countries and even faraway countries have completely withdrawn from Iran and any Association with it. Iran has also suffered because of this allegations. A good example is the sanctions that were placed on their oil business. There was also investigations concerning the nuclear weapon development and this affected their sale of weapons. The allegations that Iran was funding terrorist activities also put limitations on the financial transactions within the Republic. This has affected the economic performance of the run and made a lot of their industries have.

Because of the poor economic performance, Iran has hence needed support and aid from other countries. However, the aide has not been very forthcoming. This is majorly because muscles accomplish I away from helping Iran and feel that any donations made to the Iranian government would be misappropriated. This has has. Take for example the earthquake that was experienced in Iran and that was so devastating. Even in such a dire situations the sanctions made on Iran made it difficult for other nations to donate towards helping the victims of the earthquake. The Iranian economy is invaded by signs of underdevelopment such as high unemployment percentage, inflation and currency losing its value. This is a current state due to their imposition of the sanctions that had been formerly lifted by the current US government leader. Learn more on this site: https://www.hoover.org/profiles/mark-dubowitz.

It takes a leap of faith, to believe that Iran has taken a turn for the better and that the former Association with terrorism is the longer an issue given that the bill that was passed against terrorism funding. It is with this confidence that country should start to view Iran as a country indeed and enable people to donate where possible. On the brighter side, though making donations from the US is a bit complicated, some organizations have made it easy for people to donate to Iran. Read more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran.