The Reasons Why Iran is Funding Terrorism

Terrorism is an act of cruelty that most people in the world do not  want to be a part of. This is the cause of fear and anxiety to the people who are once involved in terrorists attacks. People always fear terrorism because it is unjust and inhumane and the innocent people are the ones who are usually affected by this just because terrorists want to reach their goals even if it means inflicting violence to others. One of the main reasons of terrorism is to force the government and the people to submit to the demands of the terrorists even if it is not for the welfare of the country. All the same, the international community will never succumb to this acts of terrorism. Be that as it may, even if there are a lot of countries opposing to this, there are still other countries willing to fund these groups. An example of this is Iran.

Capitalization is the main component for terrorist groups to have power and achieve their goals. Iran is one of the countries around the world who has given ample amount of money to this terrorist groups. Because Iran and other countries are funding these terrorist groups, they are able to supply themselves with weapons which they use for their attacks and even safe houses to keep them secured. Take for instance, it was Iran who played an important part in financing one of the most known terrorism group there is. This country is also responsible in nurturing the growth and development of that group when it was first created in the industry. Until now, Iran still holds a power over this group when it comes to battles and plans. Learn more on this link.

A lot of countries all over the world have fear of Iran because of the fact that they are able to handle these terrorist groups and can anytime acquire their services in creating a war. These groups are the ones who can perform big and small damages to any country that they attack. They can attack anywhere even if it is outside their place of territory. An example of this is when Iran is still able to fund Lebanese terrorist groups even if they are already miles away from Lebanon. As it was mentioned earlier, the deadliest terrorist group that is well established up to know is being funded by Iran. Besides this group, Iran is also funding other terrorist groups all around the world. Read here for more info: