A Look on Iran Funding Policies and Purposes
Different conflicts and violence cases in the world today are as a result of terrorism. In fact, countries like Lebanon are experiencing civil war due to terrorist activities. Groups like Hezbollah are the major contributors to this violence. However, these groups cannot be strong if they do not have a solid support in terms of finances and supplies. Due to this fact, they have different sources of income. 

One of the major sources of funding is from countries like Iran and Syria. However, Iran has been the major sponsor and has been able to support different terror groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, PIJ, and IRGC. Although these groups are miles away from Iran, the connection between their leadership and Tehran has remained strong and solid for over twenty years now. 

The reason as to why these groups are linked to Tehran is because this is where they were born. In fact, one time Hezbollah and IRGC were state-sponsored terror groups and were used the Iranian government to execute duties on behalf of the government of Iran. In fact, after the end of the Iran-Iraq war, Tehran realized the importance of having nonmilitary troops to help keep its boundaries safe. 

The major threat at that time was Israel military occupation as well as oppression from the United States. Due to this fact, these groups were formed with only one intention. That is to help Iran regain its status in the middles east. On the other hand, these groups have been used by Tehran to accomplish different economic and political ambitions and purposes. 

For instance the Lebanese terrorist organization one of the deadly creations of Tehran and is used to destabilize peace in Lebanon. This is done so that Tehran can be able to accomplish two objectives. The first one is to create a strong political and ideological tie with Damascus.  This is due to the fact that this violence has brought Iran and Syria together. 

On the other hand, Iran has used terror in these areas to make all the plans that Jerusalem and White House has with these countries fail. The United States is a close associate of different countries in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia and have remained friends for a long time. Since Iran is opposed to this friendships, is uses terrorism to ensure it is not touched by these superpower countries. Click here for more on Iran funding: http://dubowitz.pundicity.com/about/.

In fact, it will hold hostage different countries like Lebanon and Yemen until White House stops interfering in its affairs. The nuclear program is another reason why Tehran has been funding terrorism. This is because it is only through terrorism that it can be able to continue with this program.your text here. Watch more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wb6GlhQgCcI.